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May 3rd-May 7th



Pre-k will spend the week discussing their moms, dads, and family. We are working on surprises for moms and dads to show our LOVE. Pre-k will discuss those people that live in their house and draw a family picture. Our sound of the week is /Ee/. Pre-k will practice the short and long sound of /Ee/ and the correct letter formation. During the month of May, we will review our numbers, shapes, colors, and all letters. Pre-k will continue to have many chances to practice these skills. Literature selections include: “Alphatales Ee”, “Are You my Mother?”, and “Papa’s Day Surprise”.


Preschool will spend their week creating surprises for their moms and dads. We will discuss who lives in our house and make those people out of playdoh!! Preschool will continue to practice writing their names, identifying numbers 1-10. Preschool will practice self help skills with the focus on opening and closing their snack containers and zip lock bags. Literature selections include: “Are You my Mother?” and “Papa’s Day Surprise”.

May 10th-14th



3 weeks of our ocean/beach theme!!! This is always a favorite theme as we use beach and ocean items to help with our skills. Pre-k will use sand to practice writing letters and numbers (and for playing!!). Blue jell-0 is always fun to use as the water for art projects and maybe a little taste testing. Pre-k will use a fish shape to practice lacing and other ocean creature shapes to practice sorting. Library is on Monday, May 10th. Pre-k had 100% return last library day!!!!!! Our sound of the week is /Ii/. Pre-k will practice the long and short sound of /Ii/ as well as the correct formation. Literature selections include: “Commotion in the Ocean”. “Alphatales /Ii/” and, “Over in the Ocean”.


Preschool will begin 6 days of an ocean/beach theme. Preschool will make an aquarium and a stuffed paper fish as we talk about animals in the ocean. We will use sand to practice writing our names and to add to some artwork. Preschool will sing “Over in the Ocean” and “Move like Sea Animals”. Preschool loves songs with motions!!!! Preschool will review all self-help skills from the beginning of the school year. Literature selections include: “Commotion in the Ocean” and “Over in the Ocean”.

HOME ACTIVITIES: sidewalk chalk letters, numbers, shapes, and names. Opening and closing containers. Sorting laundry, toys, and utensils. Self – help skills for dressing and using the bathroom.