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October 12th-16th



Please remember that Monday, October 12th is a Holiday. No school for pre-k. We will begin our week with a fun leaf story and leaf art from the leaves we collected on Friday!!!!! Pre-k will practice matching leaves by shape and color. We will make a leaf pattern. Pre-k will enjoy a fun game of alphabet bingo and will introduce a new sound next week. We will finish our week with scarecrows and an introduction to subtraction game. Literature selections include: “Look What I Made with a Leaf” and “The Shy Scarecrow”.


This week, pre-school will practice playing color bingo!!! We will learn a color chant and color a fall picture. Pre-school will collect leaves at recess and make a leaf person and practice matching leaves by shape. I will introduce a new taking turns game and pre-school will practice this skill during our day Literature selections include: “When the Leaf Blew In” and “I Know It’s Autumn”.

October 19th-23rd



Our sound of the week is /Ff/ and we will learn about community helpers such as fire fighters!! Pre-k will practice identifying shapes as we create a shape firetruck. We will create a classroom list of community helpers in our community and make a community helpers book. Library is on Monday, October 19th. Thank you for returning your books!! Literature selections include: “Fire Drill” , “Alphatales /Ff/” and “Night Shift Daddy”. If anyone has a community helper in their family, please send in a note so that I may include this information in my lessons.


Pre=school will paint with firetrucks this week! Dress for a mess We will practice identifying shapes as we create a shape vehicle. Pre-school will use buttons and shoelaces to practice fine motor skills as well as play doh to make shapes. Literature selections include: “Fire Drill” and “Fire Engine Shapes”.

At home activities

Make shapes from playdoh

Play with a mixture of flour and water

Practice using a zip loc bag

Practice putting on and taking off Tupperware lids

Help someone set the table, talk about a pattern of plates, silverware, etc.

Help someone sort laundry, discuss the groups of clothing