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Mrs. Grafstrom is taking her Effective Communication Workshop on the road!

Beginning in January 2018, I will be bringing the workshop directly into your home. I will do private or group workshops.

Personalized Parent Coaching is also available as an add on the the workshop.

Contact me (Renee Grafstrom) to schedule your workshop.



Healing Through Love LLC will be teaching the importance of helping our children to learn calming skills/coping techniques and how they can find peace within themselves. We will also show how we can support parents to not only help our children, but learn the importance of taking care of ourselves as adults in a very busy world as well.

What our customers are saying

"Thanks to the Parent Workshop we took with Mrs G our household is a happier place. The workshop really helped us learn the best techniques to discipline, understand and communicate with our kids. We are very thankful for the opportunity to have been a part of the Workshop and we look forward to partaking in more. Myself, my husband and our kids have benefited tremendously from it. "

Maria T.