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April 2021

LE will meet 4 times this month. If the weather continues to be this nice, we will take some of our activities outside!!! /Kk/, /Vv/. /Ww/ and /Yy/ are the sounds for April. We will practice the correct formation and the sounds of these letters. We will also continue to practice alphabetical order and try to tell the next letter without going back to Aa. Reading comprehension and making predictions with spring time stories will help us finish out the month of April.

There is still time to sign up for LE! Please see Mrs. G or Mrs. Hunsinger for more details.

Through the use of the Wilson Language Program, students will enhance the following skills: oral skills, decoding skills, fluency, comprehension and writing/penmanship skills. These skills are practiced in a fun and creative atmosphere using a variety of learning tools. Students will participate in games, writing activities and story retelling. Through this program, students will find out that PHONICS IS FUN!