T-K/K News: January 13th-25th

Upcoming Specials:

1/17 Squeaky Sneakers

1/20 MLK: no school

1/21 P/T Conferences: no school

1/22 P/T Conferences: no school


Planning Ahead:  January parent/teacher conferences are 1/21 and 1/22: make childcare arrangements now.

Homework: Kindergarten students, practice your list of high frequency words every day. I'll be doing sight word assessments next week.

Week of 1/13 Practice writing your last name every day. Complete the name graph by counting the letters in your last name and color that many blocks on the graph.

Week of 1/20: Read the LETS' FIND OUT "Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. magazine together. Complete the activity on the back cover. Kindergarten students: go back through the magazine and highlight or circle the high frequency words that we;ve learned so far. See list below.

I'm missing a lot of homework from the kids. It's never too late to return past homework to school.

Practice putting on your coat and zipping it. Homework is always due on Friday.

High Frequency Words to date: a, like, I, my, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, orange, brown, pink, me, it, is, and, little, big, look, he, she, the, play, run, jump, the, we, get, find, make, up, in, no, yes, happy, new, here, so, but. Number words one-ten.

Literature Selections: Stone Soup, Three Little Pigs, Gingerbread Man, Little Red Hen.

Instead of a spotlight author this month we will have a spotlight genre! We'll begin a unit on folktales and fairy tales next week. This is a great month to be a guest reader and share your favorite folktale/fairy tale with our class!

Wilson Handwriting:  The "Super C" letters are next: Cc, Oo, a, d, Qq.

Math: Mrs. G.'s Math Challenge Question: we've been counting up to the 100th day of school. As of January 10th, we've had 77 days of school. How many more days until the 100th day of school?  Write your answer on a post-it note or an index card, bring it into school.

This week we will begin our next big math unit on Estimating.

Science: Lots of fun science coming up this month! First, we'll be making bird feeders with pre-k. Next, we'll explore animals that hibernate vs. polar animals. Then we'll learn about the water cycle with a little bit of help from Bob, the Snowman!! T-K/K loves science!!

Spanish: Miss Angela returns on 1/8. We'll learn the Spanish words for parts of the body!

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