T-K/K Newsletter

Planning Ahead:  Please keep track of the work you do this week. Moms and Dads can take pictures of your work too. Send me pics via Facebook messenger! There are packets of kindergarten level work on the front steps of our school (in a plastic bin). Feel free to pick one up. I'll be putting new packets in the bin on Tuesday 3/31 afternoon.

Hope to see you on Zoom on Tuesday 3/31. 11:00.


High Frequency Words to date: a, like, I, my, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, orange, brown, pink, me, it, is, and, little, big, look, he, she, the, play, run, jump, the, we, get, find, make, up, in, no, yes, happy, new, here, so, but, and, stop, funny, what, this, that. Number words one-ten. New words (3/30) why, of. 

 Get creative practicing your high frequency words. Build the words with magnetic refrigerator letters, trace them in shaving cream, write them with sidewalk chalk, write them with dry erase markers on the window or a mirror. Kindergarten kids should be using the words in a sentence.

Literature Selections: The Dot, Groovy Joe  "It is Spring".  I sent "It is Spring" via email. Echo read the book together with your child. Ask your child to go back through the book and circle the sight words. Extend the lesson: make your own Spring book.

Wilson Handwriting: Practice the "slide" letters: kk, M,N, Vv, Ww, Xx, Yy (lower case m and n are not slide letters). This week (3/30), practice the "Super C" letters: a, d, Cc, Gg, Oo, Qq. We always write 5 of the particular letter when we practice. I'll be looking for letters sitting on the "grass" line and a space between each letter.Please use Wilson lined paper!

ILA This week (3/23), practice word families. To date, we have done "at", "ot", "it", "ip", "an", "in" word families. ‚ÄčLet's think about a new word family. Can you thing of any "ing" words? Make a list.

Let's practice some digraphs this week (3/30): make a list of "ch" and "sh" words. 

Math: Practice counting by 5's. How high can you go? Extend the lesson: 2 groups of  five makes 10, 3 groups of five makes 15, etc. You are multiplying!! Yay! We've been practicing the concept of Equal Groups. If Mrs. G gave you 20 blocks, could you make 2 equal groups? If Mrs. G gave you 25 blocks, can you make 2 equal groups? Try it! This week (3/30) you will need the whole family to help with math. If you count by 5's, how many fingers and toes are in your whole family?

Science: we recently learned about solids, liquids and gases. Play solid, liquid, gas true or false with your family. Here's an example: "A table is a solid: T or F?" "Water is a solid: T or F?" "Water can be turned into a solid or a gas: T or F?"

Social Studies: We will begin a new unit this week "Symbols of the USA". This week (3/30), notice the US flag. How many stripes are on the flag? How many stars? Mrs. G. will be reading you a book next week all about our beautiful US flag.

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