T-K/K Newsletter

 October 13th-23rd

Back-to-School Night Recap: In case you missed it.

We are looking for 2 volunteers to handle kdg dismissal.

Please pack 2 napkins with your child's lunch.

Sneakers are a must for school (no shoes with flashing lights, please!).

Homework will be the same week to week (practice sight words, Wilson letters and math concepts) Occasionally I will send home a reading comprehension activity.

Make sure you can successfully access my Google Classroom just in case you have to go virtual. The code is 53tw6am.

Let's take advantage of nice weather while it lasts. If you'd like to be a guest reader, we can go outside and sit on blankets while we listen to the book.

I'll be out on Oct. 8th, 9th, 13th, and 14th while my husband is having/recovering from open heart surgery.

Important Dates:

Oct. 12th No School

Oct. 19th Library

Oct. 30th and Nov. 2nd parent/Teacher conferences

Nov. 3rd. Election Day: No School

High Frequency Words to Date: I, See, Can, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Black, White, My, Like, The, A.

Wilson Handwriting Letters to Date: Ll, Tt, Ii, F, E.

Week of 10/13: Literature selections this week include Cool Dog, School Dog, Marshmallow. We'll add two more color words to our word wall (black, white). We'll also add "the" and "like" to our list. "Stick letter" E is next in our Wilson handwriting lesson. The children will practice story sequencing: what happens first, middle, last? What happens next? We'll brush up on our rhyming skills with some fun rhyming boxes.

Our next math unit is three dimensional shapes. We'll introduce the cube, sphere and cone this week. I think our "Shape Museum" will be virtual this year. Stay tuned for more information later this month!

Mother Nature will assist with science this week. Why do leaves change color? The children will create a KWL chart as we learn more about leaves.

Speaking of leaves, my favorite art project is coming up this week: Leaf Rubbings!!

In social studies this week we will talk about feelings. Young children can experience lots of big emotions. How do we appropriately handle these emotions?

Home lessons for virtual students: Pick up your new packet of work this week. Please do "stick letter H" and number practice #4 in your binders. On Tuesday and Wednesday, you'll meet with Miss Angela. Please have the next 2 phonics pages done in your binders. It's the beginning sound pages in your binder that have a koala and an apple in the upper left corners. You will also read the "I" passage in your binders. Miss Angela will review motion patterns and tallying with you. On Thursday and Friday, we will introduce the words: black, white, the, a. We'll practice story sequencing and graphing. Could you please collect a variety of leaves before Friday (different colors, shapes)? Thanks!

Week of 10/5 : Literature selections this week include The Day the Crayons Quit! and Pout, Pout Fish. We will practice "stick letter" H. We will add the words "stop", "go", "it", "is" to the word wall. The children will complete some beginning sounds review pages in their binder.

In math, we will continue to introduce more 3 dimensional shapes: prism, pyramid, cylinder.

We've learned a lot about the season of autumn. In science this week we will play Autumn True or False!

Social/Emotional development is just as important as academic development. In Social Studies this week, we will be talking about feelings.

Home Lessons for Virtual Students: Listen to the story Pout, Pout Fish and The Day the Crayons Quit! Practice "Slide letter" Vv and number practice #5 in your binders. Use your playdough to shape all of the stick letters and numbers 0-5.  Take a picture of your playdough letters and numbers to send to Mrs. G. We have been practicing the short vowel sounds, please make a list of 2 words for each of the five vowels. Ex: Aa 1) acrobat 2) animal. (do this for each vowel). We learned about adjectives earlier this month. Can you think of some words to describe pumpkins? On Tuesday, we will make a word web about pumpkins using the adjectives that you thought of. We will also read about leaves. We will complete the KWL chart that we started last week. On Wednesday, you will show me your "slide letter" Vv and your #5. We will read the words from your worksheet "If I Can Spell...Then I Can Spell..." On Thursday, we will read about squirrels and play Autumn True or False. I will introduce some three-dimensional shapes. On Friday, we will talk about feelings. We will play a game with the 3D shapes. You can show me your list of short vowel words on Friday too.

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