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Google Classroom Code: bqa3soi

TK/Kindergarten Newsletter

Important Dates:

1/24  Library

1/31-2/2 Mrs. G. is out

2/9 Spanish

2/14 Library. Valentine's Day (see events page)

2/17 should be 100th day (bonus day for TK)

2/28 Speech Screenings

Mrs. G.'s Math Challenge Question: Counting by 5's, how many fingers and toes are in your family? Tally the number and send it back with your homework on Friday.

Week of 1/24: Literature selections include: Bunny Slopes, When Winter Comes, and Mrs. Toggles' Zipper. We will add "he" and "she "  to our list of high frequency words.

We will continue the Wilson "super C" letters with the letter Gg.

Building reading comprehension is an important skill this year. We will practice the 5 W's of reading comprehension: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY. 

During the month of January we learned a lot about Polar Animals and Animals that Hibernate. To wrap up this unit, we will play Polar Animal/Hibernating Animal True or False.

TK and K are enjoying our music appreciation lessons. Each week, we listen to a different genre of music. The children color/draw about how the music makes them feel. The jazz music last week made us feel "zippy!" This week we will listen to classical music.

Our math lesson this week will be all about positional words such as "first", "second", etc.

Homework 1/24: Go to Google classroom. Listen to the story, Snowmen at Night. Complete the two activities that came home on Friday 1/21.

Week of 1/31: Mrs. G. is out Monday-Wednesday. Literature selections include Bob the Snowman, The Mitten, and The Hat. The next "super C" letter is Qq. We will add the word "funny" to our list of high frequency words. Reading comprehension continues this week as we compare/contrast The Mitten and The Hat. The children will be extra busy in math this week. Lessons include symmetry and graphing/organizing information. Of course, we will continue to practice counting by 5's.

Science is exciting this week. Bob the Snowman will help us learn about the water cycle!

The winter Olympics start soon. We will use our map skills during social studies to locate China on the world map and on the globe.

Homework week of 1/31: Complete the survey question "Do you enjoy playing in the snow?" Ask as many people as you can. Tally your answers. Start working on your 100th day project. Review your high frequency words. Practice tying your shoes. Practice your address and phone number. Homework is due on Friday.

Week of 2/7: Literature selections include The Day the Crayons Quit, Love From the Crayons, and Franklin's Valentine. We will add "on and "off" to the high frequency word list. The children will practice putting words in "ABC Order" (alphabetical order). Our next big unit in math is Estimating.  We'll kick off this new unit by estimating the number of marbles in a jar. In Science, we will celebrate Dental Health month! How do we keep our teeth healthy? Just for fun, we'll paint with toothbrushes! The children will make Valentine cards to send to the residents at Columbia Cottage.

Homework 2/7: Keep track of the kind deeds you do at home. Write the kind deed on the hearts provided. You may also decorate the hearts. Cut them out and return your Hearts of Kindness on February 11th. Work on your 100th day project.

High Frequency words to date: I, Can, You, See, A, Like, The, My, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, And, Me, It, Is, Look, For, Blue, Big, Little, Stop, Go, Black, White, In, All, Out, What, Happy, Help, Make, Play, Run, Who, Want, Am, Jump, Hot, Cold, She, He.

*number words one - ten.*

Wilson handwriting letters to date: Ll, Tt, Ii, F, E,H, Vv, Ww, M, N, A, Xx, Kk, Yy. Cc, Oo, Gg, Qq.

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