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March 27th-31st

Literature selections this week include: America the Beautiful, Wonders of the USA, and How to Bake an American Pie. We will add the words "so" and "not" to the word list. The next Wilson handwriting letter is h. We will do a quick review on action words (verbs).

Math lessons this week will focus on counting by 2's.

The children will make some cute Easter crafts this week. We'll make an Easter egg with a baby chick, a bunny and we'll decorate an Easter egg with washi tape.

In Social Studies, we will read about Amelia Earhart! We will also wrap up our unit on symbols of the USA.

We are growing a garden of kindness! Similar to the good deed chain, we will keep track of the kind and thoughtful things the children do and add it to the kindness garden.

BIG NEWS: it's time to start the Traveling Suitcase!! Every Friday we will pick a child's name out of the traveling suitcase. That student will bring the suitcase home and fill it with items that are important to them. They will return the suitcase on Monday and tell about their items. For example: they may put their favorite book, a family picture, a souvenir from a special vacation, favorite stuffed animal, or sports items (baseball mitt, soccer trophy). Every child will get a turn. Names will be pulled out randomly.

Last Mindful Therapy for this session March 29th

Teaching Children about Personal Safety Parent Workshop on March 29th at 6pm. I feel very strongly about this particular workshop. As your children grow up and venture out into the world, they must have strong safety skills. This workshop will cover ages and stages of child development and what children should know in order to keep themselves safe. It goes way beyond "don't talk to strangers."

March 31st Library

Homework 3/27: Line up your shoes and count by 2's! On an index card or a post-it note, write down how many shoes you counted.

Practice your high frequency words.


High Frequency Words to date:

I, Can, See, A, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Black, Orange, Purple, Brown, Pink, My, The, Me, It, Is, Yes, No, Run, Jump, Look, Up, We, And, This, What, Big, Little. Number words one-ten. Number words eleven-twenty. New, Happy, We, Get, Who, How, That, Will, Stop, Go, To, In, He, She, At, Be, But, About, Find, So, Not.

Wilson Letters to date:

"stick letters": Ll, Tt, Ii, F, E, H, "Slide Letters": Vv, Ww, M, N, Xx, A, Kk, Yy. "Super C" Cc, Oo, Qq, Gg, a. "belly" letter D, Bb, R, "Lumpy" letters r,n,m,h.

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