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Kindergarten Newsletter


I'm so glad that you will be in my class in September. Get ready to have a lot of fun in our class! I'll be busy this summer getting our classroom ready and planning games, art projects and other adventures for us.

I hope you enjoy the book, The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton. It’s one of my favorites!

Have a super summer! I look forward to seeing you at the Meet and Greet on August 29th at 12:00.

Our first day of school is September 8th!

Mrs. Grafstrom


 A full size backpack.

 One hard plastic pencil box (the box should be big enough to fit pencils, crayons and scissors.)

 One box of crayons (24 count).

 One pack of washable markers (10 or 12 count).

 One pair “kid” scissors.

 5 sharpened pencils.

 2 unscented or low odor Dry Erase markers. One sock to be used as a white board eraser. Please put the markers and sock in a labeled zip-lock bag.

 One plastic 2 pocket folder. (cardboard folders will not last)

 One set of headphones (these are available at the dollar store. Please send the headphones in a labeled zip-lock bag.)

 One container of Wet Ones (for hands).

 One roll of paper towels.

 1 plastic shoe box (available at the dollar store). The box should contain a complete change of clothes (don't forget socks and underwear). The state may require us to wear masks. Please include an extra mask in your child’s box.

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