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Week of 11/21: We have a short, busy week ahead. Literature selections include: She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain and Thanksgiving is Here! We will add Wilson "slide letter" Xx to our binders. We will explore the last two 3D shapes: hexagonal prism and rectangular based pyramid. The kids rocked the 3D shape unit!! The children will complete a favorite Thanksgiving food graph. We will continue to explore basic fractions too. Just for fun, we'll complete a turkey dot-to-dot picture.  Shape Museum on Tuesday at 12:15 (bonus day for TK).

Homework Week of 11/21: Return your Table Manners homework. Continue to work on your Moon Log. Complete the Turkey Tally paper (sent home 11/18). Ask as many people as you can for the tally paper.

Week of 11/28: Literature selections include Giraffe Problems, Not A Box and The Dot. We will add "we", "and" to our word list. We will begin the "super C" Wilson letters. We will kick off a new math unit on Measurement. We will begin with non-traditional tools of measurement such as unifix cubes, legos, and links. In Social Studies, we will begin the Good Deed Chain. In Science we will list ways animals prepare for winter.

Homework Week of 11/28: On Wilson lined paper, write each "slide letter" 3 times. See list below. Finish your Moon Log. Practice the high frequency word list.

3D Shapes to date: cube, sphere, hemisphere, cone, cylinder, square-based pyramid, prism, triangular pyramid, rectangular based pyramid, hexagonal prism. 

High Frequency Words to date: I, Can, See, A, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Black, Orange, Purple, Brown, Pink, My, The, Me, It, Is, Yes, No, Run, Jump, Look, Up, We, And. Number words one-ten.

Wilson Letters to date: "stick letters": Ll, Tt, Ii, F, E, H, "Slide Letters": Vv, Ww, M, N, Xx. "Super C" letters: Cc

Important Dates:

11/22 Shape Museum 12:15 All parents are welcome to attend. Bonus day for TK!!

Moon Log Directions:

The children should:

 Decorate the front cover of their Moon Log. *don’t forget to put your name on it*

 Draw a picture of what they saw in the night sky.

 Write a sentence or two about what they saw. TK students can dictate or trace their sentences. Kindergarten students should do their own writing. Don’t worry about spelling! Simple sentences are fine. Ex. “I saw a yellow moon.” “The moon is big.”

 Sometimes you cannot see the moon so you may write “I did not see the moon.” Or “I saw clouds.”

 Bring the Moon Log back to school on November 30th.

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