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Kindergarten Newsletter

January 4th-15th

Important Dates:

1/18 MLK: no school

1/19 Conferences: no school

1/20 Conferences: no school


High Frequency Words to Date: I, See, Can, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Black, White, My, Like, The, A, Look, This, Purple, What, We, Said, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, In, Out. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Brown, And, Why, Big, Little, Up, Down, Yes, No, Happy, On, By.

Wilson Handwriting Letters to Date: STICK LETTERS: Ll, Tt, Ii, F, E, H, SLIDE LETTERS: Vv, Ww, M, N, A, Kk, Yy, Xx, SUPER C LETTERS: Cc, Oo, Gg.

Homework: practice high frequency words, Wilson letters and math concepts. Practice tying your shoes and putting on your coat (and zipping your coat).

Week of 1/18 : The students have a short (but busy!) week. We will introduce two new high frequency words: On, By. (we added a bonus word last week: Happy). We'll begin a new science unit on the water cycle. "Bob, the Snowman" will help us learn all about this new concept. In math, we'll practice subtraction with a fun "munchy math" lesson. Friday is PAJAMA DAY in Kindergarten (optional. I know some kids may be uncomfortable wearing pj's to school). The children will still need to wear sneakers with their pajamas so we can go outside for recess.

Home lessons week of 1/18: No new Wilson letters this week. Please practice the letters we've learned this year. (especially the lower case letters). Listen to the story Bob, the Snowman on Google classroom. This week, please choose 4 high frequency words from our word list. Can you write two sentences using those 4 words? When we meet on Thursday you can read me your sentences. On Friday we will do a Colorful Kids page. We will also illustrate the water cycle (on paper or white board. your choice). Be sure to listen to Bob, the Snowman before Friday. Friday is also PAJAMA DAY. You can wear your pj's to Zoom if you'd like!

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