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About Us

Thirteen years ago I set out on a mission to open a preschool. It couldn’t be just any preschool. It had to be a school that would offer an exceptional curriculum, in a loving, nurturing environment, at an affordable price. I blended the best of the Montessori method with a Literature based curriculum and a dash of traditional preschool. I am proud to say that we have a successful, joyful, AMAZING little school!

The Children’s Schoolhouse of Collegeville offers something for everyone. For our youngest students, we offer pre-school, pre-k, transitional kindergarten, kindergarten, Lego club, art club, cooking club, Squeaky Sneakers, Spanish and computers. For elementary aged students, we offer tutoring, Wilson language enrichment, STEM and STEAM summer camps and American Girl Club. For tweens and teens, we offer Babysitter training classes complete with CPR/Standard First Aid Certification. For adults, we offer parent workshops on a variety of topics.

"Follow the child." Maria Montessori, a master teacher whose ideas were ahead of her time, spoke these wise words. She recognized that each child is unique and will respond to different stimuli. All children benefit from a safe, loving, structured, educational environment. The Children's Schoolhouse of Collegeville will provide such an environment.

The Children's Schoolhouse of Collegeville has blended the best of the Montessori method with traditional pre-school and literature based instruction to create our own unique curriculum. High quality children's literature serves as a springboard for a variety of lessons including; reading readiness, number awareness, social skills, fine and gross motor skills. We use a wide range of literary genres such as; picture books, folk tales, poetry, fables, informational books, fiction and nonfiction.

The literature based curriculum teaches and fosters literacy while indulging in a child's natural curiosity and joy of learning.


123 West Main Street.

Trappe, PA 19426

Phone: 610.585.1873


Kindergarten M-F 8:40-1:00

Transitional Kindergarten M,W,F 8:40-1:00

AM Pre-K M,W,F 8:45-11:30

PM Pre-K M,W,TH 12:00-2:45

Pre-School T, Th 8:45-11:30